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THERMEX thermo-processing treatment have enabled production of desired high strength rebars that meet all requirements of civil construction — yield strength ranging from 450 to 550 N/mm2 or more toughness, high elongation value and ductility, weldability, excellent bend properties etc. A short, intensive but very precise in-line cooling of the rolled bar is imparted in THERMEX process through proprietary system.

This treatment results in a cooled hardened output. On further cooling of the bar in atmosphere a Thermal exchange (THERMEX) occurs between the inner and cooled outside martensite surface where by the resultant bar structure is a distinct tempered martensite at periphery and a fine-grained ferrite — pearlite structure in the central zone.


HSE Germany developed, after years of research and field trials, a unique Quenching and Self-tempering (QST) process that allowed rolling mills to produce low-cost (without use of costly alloys), high strength deformed bars which fully met the demands of civil engineers of different countries. This basic process and subsequent improvements were patented worldwide.

Thermex® QST Technology gained immediate global acceptance due to its simplicity and ease-of-operation.

In new technological era TMT Bar that is produced by using Thermex Technology which is also known as TMX.   Thermex Technology TMT Bar is High Quality TMT Bar that can be used for all construction purposes for its tensile strength.

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