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We at Confab understand the tremendous amount of trust that is being placed in us- starting from our employees and ending with the people who are going to reside or work in buildings which are made using our product. This trust can be perceived in two ways- as a burden or as an opportunity. We embrace the latter.

This is because we at Confab have been able to develop a sense of familial bond with our various stakeholders. On the other hand, we believe that through the mutual trust we share. with our stakeholders we are able to generate wealth and development for all as a whole.


 Any organization which does not add value to the society it functions in cannot survive as it loses- not only the support of its stakeholders- but also its ethical foundation. Both these factors have an erosion pattern which may happen gradually but with a sense of finality.

We at Confab recognize the importance of generating value and generate it in the following manner:

  • Providing High quality and economical TMT Steel bars.
  • Giving our employees the scope to grow in the organization.
  • Ensuring that we have a positive impact on the environment by taking every step in order to curb pollutants from entering the air.
  • Educating the society about the quality of steel that they should use and providing the same.


Quality is something which we at Confab provide at the highest level. Quality is the fulcrum that ensures our first two core values: Trust and Generating Value. In the absence of absolute and undeniable quality a company cannot and should not function.

Confab’s Motto is “Adding Strength to Strength” and that is exactly what we seek to do. CN TMT bars that are used to strengthen various buildings that are constructed, stand the test of time due to the synergy between our 3 promises- Trust, Generating Value and Providing Quality.

“A Home Built Of Love Needs No Decoration ”
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