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The construction industry is one of the most volatile and hazardous industries. It requires lots of mental agility and attention to detail to achieve perfection. The chances of fatal and non-fatal incidents, injuries are all-time high at a construction site. Therefore, a lot of careful thinking and alertness is a primary requisite. Many studies on incidents and injuries at a construction site give a clear correlation between the design of the project and mishaps. The decisions that are made during designing the project also play an important role in determining the safety precautions at a construction site.

Lean thinking and well thought construction strategies can play an important role in minimizing the risk at the site and improve the quality of construction too. Safety management and concrete strategy must be adopted by the architects and engineers while planning and designing. Building construction material and the best of the steel suppliers in Sri Lanka should be given high preference. High-grade TMT bars and trusted steel companies should be contacted to ensure the foundation of the project is robust and optimum. If there is any risk or chance of hazard is spotted during designing or executing it is important to address the issue immediately and take all the precautionary measures accordingly.

Some of the ways by which one can improve construction safety with the help of lean thinking are given below:

Reduce Waste: Lean thinking involves planning and giving attention to even the minutest details. It is important to make arrangements and plan efficiently the project. The waste reduction should be given equal emphasis. Reducing tangible waste will help you to not only contribute towards the betterment of the environment but will also facilitate the movement of workers. One of the most lucrative building materials that can aid in reducing the wastage is high-grade steel bars. They can help one to limit the wastage and make the best use of available resources as well. In addition, apart from tangible material wastage, one should give attention to workers and labourers as well. A construction site should be strategic and must include the best ways to optimally utilize the skills of the workers and unleash their potential to the fullest.

Define Value: One of the basic things that one should take care of is the value of money. An Architect and engineer must work collectively towards improving construction safety and providing the best possible results. A construction site should not be hastily planned or executed. Construction must be designed keeping in mind the perspective of the customers as well. Make sure to use the best quality imported billet steel and Best Steel Bars in Srilanka to ensure all the safety and precautionary measures are met seamlessly. Everyone right from engineers, contractors, builders to project managers must be equally involved in the project right from start to finish.

Process and Management: Lean thinking involves streamlining the process and efficient organization throughout the process. Everything should be documented and written in advance. Workers should be given professional training and must be well acquainted with all the safety measures and strategies. Proper training is an essential part to ensure the utmost construction safety. Also, it is always vital to take timely feedback across all levels .

Technology: Modern technology and continuous advancements have made it imperative for architects and engineers to adopt the latest methodologies for construction. Technology can play an important role in reinforcing lean thinking and making the best use of resources around you.  It can help you to get real-time access to all the important details and make some necessary changes during the construction. Technology can help you connect with some of the best and most reliable construction material and steel suppliers in Sri Lanka.

Awareness Curriculum: There are many steps that one can take to reduce the number of fatal injuries and mishaps at a construction site. Technical know-how about how to handle a complex situation and what are the steps that one must follow to reduce the chances of accidents and injuries should be an integral part of the safety measures and strategies.  Dividing a project into several zones and monitoring it regularly can help to be on time and as per the schedule.

There are many incidents where the theories and methodologies have failed and are ineffective in a real-time scenario. Therefore, it must be given the emphasis on practical applications as well and planned an efficient reinforced concrete cement technique and other daily operations to improve the efficacy of the site and reduce the chances of incidents as well as injuries.

Regulatory Policies: Just deriving construction safety strategy is not enough one should ensure that all the practices are followed to its maximum. Regularly governing regulatory policies and making sure that all the operations as planned is imperative. A centralized and well-planned review system must be devised to identify if there are any loopholes and take the corrective measures accordingly. Lean thinking should give attention to regulatory measures and policies that must be implemented.

Designing: Lean thinking must give equal importance to the designing of the project as well. Apart from safety equal prominence should be given to the designing aspect as well. A site should be aesthetically pleasing as well must incorporate a great combination of quality as well as health and safety benefits. A site must be designed keeping in mind all the facets of civil and structural engineering.

Lean thinking can help one to reduce the cost considerably. It is essential to adopt a holistic approach to make lean thinking an indispensable part of your project and achieve construction objectives with the help of pull planning and scheduling.

Lean thinking should be an integral part of the construction. It should focus on creating the state-of-the-art structures that are compliant and strong too. Lean thinking can help companies to increase their productivity optimally while making the best use of resources and technology. It propagates smart and detail-oriented work. A company must use the right mélange of tools and techniques to increase efficiency and achieve the desired outcome.